Environmentally Friendly Document Shredding

Welcome to Southern California Mobile Shredding, an Orange County document destruction company that specializes in Going Green with environmentally friendly document shredding.

Southern California Mobile Shredding knows that paper shredding is as important to large corporations as it is to small businesses, individuals and families. We can’t trust that throwing away our confidential information is safe. Alternatively, most of us do not have the space to store all of the documents that contain our confidential information including: financial statements or sensitive documents, credit card information, bank account details, anything with a social security number and other personal information that we need to keep confidential.

Let us help you with your mobile paper shredding needs.

Southern California Mobile Shredding is a licensed and bonded document destruction company that adheres to both industry standards and government regulations.

  • We are HIPAA and FACTA compliant
  • We use the latest in Mobile Shredding Technology equipment
  • We recycle all shredded material
  • We assist with your non-confidential recycling needs
  • We use Environmentally Friendly Mobile Shredding Vehicle

Southern California Mobile Shredding process:

  • We will arrive at your home or business to shred your confidential and personal documents
  • We will shred paper, credit cards, CDs, Videos, hard drives, and more (Sorry, No Cardboard)
  • We will take all shredded materials to a certified recycling facility
  • We will pick-up non-shredded materials for recycling
  • We will provide your services in an efficient manner; our vehicle can shred up to 3 tons of materials per hour

Still unsure if mobile paper shredding is right for you? Contact us. We will be happy to explain how our services can benefit you, review our prices and more.

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Document Purge Service
Utilizing the Shredfast System, Southern California Mobile Shredding will arrive at your location to provide your customized shredding service. The Shredfast System is safe and economical. All of the shredding is done within the vehicle to eliminate the danger of sharp and grinding parts, and it can shred up to 3 tons or 6000 lbs of material an hour.

Recyclable Material Transportation
Southern California Mobile Shredding is committed to being environmentally friendly, and will take any additional non shredded paper you have to be recycled as part of the services we provide you at no additional charge. This might include bulk mail, extra photocopies, etc.

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Green Shredding

As our websites name Go Green Mobile Shredding implies, we want to help individuals and businesses maintain the necessary security and privacy required while assisting to reduce the amount of waste in our landfills. Southern California Shredding operates on ethical principles and maintains a high level of integrity when quoting prices and performing mobile shredding services.

Go Green Mobile Shredding Asks, What Should You Shred?

When asked the question, what types of documents should be shred, the most obvious documents come to mind. Examples of such documents are, anything with a social security number, banking information and medical files. Privacy is not limited to personal medical records and bank accounts. Items that aren’t as obvious include, phone logs and messages, […]

Material Recycling

After we have completed shredding all of your personal and confidential documents and items, we will take any additional non-confidential paper you have to be recycled as part of the services we provide you.

For businesses that are not interested in our document destruction service, we provide a recycling service of picking up non-confidential paper and transporting to a recycling facility. This service may have a transportation fee if not part of our On-Site Document Destruction Service.